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About Us

The school was founded on 1st September 1949. Ever since it was founded it has become the leading institution in the field of nursing education in the South – East of Moravia for about 420 students. Besides the following branches of study – Nursing Assistant, Hospital Attendant, Diploma General Nurse and Diploma Paramedic the school also offers a wide choice of certified courses for general public.

Secondary School Education Programmes

  • Nursing Assistant – a four-year study programme providing a comprehensive qualification for the nursing assistant profession
  • Hospital Attendant – a three-year study programme offering a comprehensive education focused on providing entry-level assistance to medical professionals in hospitals and care homes

Higher School Education Programmes

  • Diploma General Nurse – a three-year study programme aimed for students after Maturita Exam providing a comprehensive education to be a qualified member of nursing staff
  • Diploma Paramedic – a three-year study programme aimed for students after Maturita Exam who become fully qualified members of EMS or members of Emergency Department staff in hospitals

Certified Qualification Courses for general public

  • Social Care Worker
  • Auxiliary Nurse
  • Ambulance Car Driver

Broučkova Street Academy

This Academy brings together all additional school and after-school activities not only for students but also for teachers and general public. The activities include seminars, English and German language circles, sports and games, nursing hobby group, first aid basics, Odysseia Art Club etc.

School Building and Equipment

The modern school building was built in1995. It is well-equipped for teaching general as well as special subjects.

School Facilities include:

  • special natural science labs
  • classrooms for teaching languages
  • computer information centre with the Internet access
  • school library
  • special classrooms with tutorial models for teaching anatomy, somatology and other nursing related subjects.
  • assembly hall for various lectures and seminars
  • gymnasium and large outdoor sports facilities
  • boarding house providing full-time meals for the students


The building is located in a quiet zone in the suburb of Zlin near The Thomas Bata Hospital.

School Partners

  • The Thomas Bata Hospital – the main health care institution where the students attend practical training in real conditions of nursing practice
  • The Zlin Region Emergency Services – practical training provider for Diploma Paramedics
  • The Zlin Region Fire Brigade
  • Other Regional and Teaching Hospitals
  • Care Homes
  • General Practitio­ners' Surgeries
  • Paediatri­cians' Surgeries
  • Specialists' Surgeries